I graduated a little over a month ago and I am now working full time in my field! However, not even a month ago I was ready to graduate with nothing lined up. This led me to face every, “what are you doing after graduation?” with an unimpressive “idk.” 

I was lucky enough to be in the position that I could live at home until I got a job and was ready to leave. But I was GRADUATING! I had four years of me being involved in every club on campus that related to my field, doing all my work and maintaining a high GPA, networking (ugh), completing three internships, and working part-time! I had done everything anyone had ever told me to do. I took everyone’s life/college advice to heart and tried to implement it in some way. I had worked so hard to get nowhere!? I don’t think so.

Personally, I went from being confused about why I wasn’t being asked for interviews to being furious. I started thinking, okay well, “why do I deserve this job more than anyone else?” 

My first thought was, well I’m passionate! I love my field! I love social media, I love cute slogans, I love branding, I love it all! As cheesy as this was, it didn’t work.

I started thinking harder and deeper. Well, how would I feel if I got an organization’s story in the news? I’d be proud. I would feel so awesome that I was able to show off people’s hard work, show off positive stories in the news! Stories for everyone. A feel-good story that makes people’s days.

That’s why I need to be doing what I love. 



(Like and comment if you want to know what happens next!)

Outfit Details:

Sandals: (Similar) mine are old

Dress: (Similar) $20!


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