Standing with a cardboard Shark Girl.

The Shark Girl statue at Canalside has been very popular since it was installed in 2014. The statue is very unique and I was curious as to what the story was behind it. The Albright Knox is featuring a shark girl exhibit until Oct. 1 titled “Shark Girl: Never Quite There.” It was an amazing exhibit and I highly recommend it, here is why:

The Artist

The artist is Casey Riordan Millard. According to the museum’s website she created the Shark Girl character to emulate the “existential conundrums of life, love, family, and loss.” This is shown by her having a head of an animal that is thought to be scary and the body of a young girl which reflects innocence.  The artist also wrote and illustrated the children’s book, “Shark Girl and Belly Button”.

The Exhibit

The exhibit was quite small and was only in one hallway. Although it was small, There was a lot of detail but into the exhibit. There was even shark girl wallpaper on a few parts on the hallway. It was definitely worth seeing. I enjoyed that it was all sculpture work with the same theme. The gift shop also had Shark Girl memorabilia which was really fun to look at. 



5 thoughts on “Taking a Bite Out of Buffalo: Shark Girl

  1. I enjoyed learning about the significance of Shark Girl in class and within your post. I too have always misunderstood what the statue was supposed to be about! I truly love the amount of depth this statue contains. I had no idea that I was viewing loss and love, all within the one piece of art. Your review was unique.


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