Coffee shops are one of my favorite things and I have found the best ones in Buffalo. Read on to find out why they make my list!




This coffee shop is very large and spacious. The shop allows for a quiet area and a louder area by the counter. There are so many options for food and drinks. In addition there is a pretty large parking lot and outdoor seating! All these make this my go-to for a cafe in Buffalo.


Breadhive is unique in that they bake their own fresh pretzels. They allow you to add different toppings along with a pretzel or fresh bagel. This cafe is very small and gets crowded easily. Plan on going during the week to avoid a crowd!

Sweetness 7

This cafe is best for food. There are a lot of different options for breakfast and lunch food. There is a lot of seating but due to its popularity, it gets crowded quickly. Also no outdoor eating area or parking.

Public Espresso

Public was originally located in the Hotel Lafayette’s lobby where the mailboxes were located. Recently, the cafe took over a larger portion of the hotel. Their menu is mainly beverages, but they also sell Breadhive bagels.

Five Points Bakery

This place is uniquely located and little tricky to find. On the plus side, this cafe offers a 10% discount if you walk or ride your bike! Their toast and fresh jam is a must-have pair.


Askers is mainly known for their healthy juices, but they have quite the breakfast menu. They have fresh breakfast starting at $4.00. A great place to get a healthy and affordable breakfast!


The cutest cafe south of Buffalo. The storefront is easily located by finding the large coffee cup with “steam” coming from the cup. My favorite thing about this large cafe is their s’mores platter. This is where you are given all your s’more making material and an electric flame to roast them!



Tipico is by far the most aesthetically pleasing cafe in Buffalo. The large windows that fully open in the summer and the minimalistic feel of the furniture make this cafe feel like you’ve walked into a different town.

Daily Planet

The cafe has a large selection of teas, almond milk lattes, and dairy free fresh baked cookies! There are lots of very small tables, but it’s not idea for camping out to get work done.

Spot Coffee

Ah. The classic Spot Coffee. This is the best place to bring all your belongings and get your work done. There are a lot of tables and great breakfast and lunch options, so you can stay all day!


5 thoughts on “10 Best Buffalo Coffee Shops

  1. This is very good because it gives recognition to the small coffee shops that are over shadowed by the ” Starbucks”. I there are alot of nice shops in buffalo but that are not popular , this can be consider promotion as well.


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