Internships can be super nerve wracking, but they don’t have to be! The smallest things can help you to feel confident and do your best! Read on to find out how you can feel more prepared.


  1. A Professional Purse
    The perfect purse! Get yourself a large professional looking bag to keep anything and everything you need for your internship. If you’re anything like me and you have a million things going on, it is important to have one bag designated to your internship supplies. I also enjoy having a bag that can fit my laptop if I feel I need to bring it along! Aldo is a great place to find affordable purses.


2. Cute Office Supplies

Now it’s time to fill that bag up! Having cute personal office supplies gets you excited to show off and start working. It is easy to get carried away with the cute supplies being sold these days, but the essentials are pens, notebook, and a planner. My favorite place to buy office supplies is Target or OfficeMax. If you’re on a budget I would not hesitate to peak into your local dollar tree!


3. Clean Phone Case

While you might think you won’t need your phone for your internship you probably will! I had my boss and other employees texting me with my next tasks or updates on my work. I suggest you have professional case for your phone. I used this clear Otterbox case.


4. Charge Up

When picking up a nice case for your phone also get an extra charger/mobile charger. Keep this in your bag so you can stay updated and responsible by having your phone ready to go!


5. Coffee Coffee Coffee

COFFEE! If you need your daily fix get a cute mug or travel mug. Pro tip: Invest in a travel coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot all day and ensures you won’t spill a drop. I highly recommend the brand Contigo.


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