When I was 18, I traveled by myself to South Korea to visit my then boyfriend, who is in the United States Air Force. I stayed on the Osan Air Force Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. This is a joined base between the Korean Military and the United States Military. Therefore, this base consisted of many families and military personnel from both Korea and the United States. This is interesting because the uniforms and the expectations are different in each military. For example, in Korea men must join the military at some point between the ages of 18 to 35 (length of service various by branch). This was my first lesson from traveling being in Korea. Throughout my month long trip, my boyfriend and I traveled all over the amazing (and humid) country!

I flew to Korea on KoreanAir and it was quite the experience! American airline companies offer a lot less amenities then other counties’ airlines. This was a major misconception I had going in to the trip. The 12 hour flight was surprisingly comfortable. I sat next to a women who didn’t speak English, but was very sweet and lent her hand to help me close my tray table. Getting off the plane was a huge relief! I remember being nervous I would not be able to find my way around the Incheon airport. This is because Chinese is the second language of Korea and I mistaking thought the signs would only be in Chinese and Korean. Almost everything was also in English, which made me feel grateful I was raised knowing such a widely used language.

The trip from the airport to the subway station was about an hour long. Traveling on the subway with my large suitcase after a 12 hour flight in the heat and humidity in Korea was not pleasant, but I made it!

Follow me to see my next post about my month long trip to South Korea! To see videos from my trip check out my YouTube channel here!




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